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Mitumba man goes back to Kisumu after hard struggles.

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Mtumba Man is the name of a young man who rose to prominence after a video of him selling clothes while wearing women’s clothing spread on social media. Many people were amazed at Mtumba’s boldness and strength when selling clothes. It made him famous and popular.

The man from Mtumba won many lucrative contracts and was even transported to work in Nairobi. Mtumba Man got a one-year contract with DeVine Collections. However, the contract has expired and Mtumba Man is back on the streets doing what he does best. The second hand sells second hand cars. Mtumba Man seems to be proud of his work and has said he will not let enemies speak ill of him.

Mtumba man.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Mtumba man also added that in this year he will be realising a rap song.

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