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‘Mla nawe, Hafi nawe.’ Mike Sonko TBT photos with President Uhuru Kenyatta spark mixed reactions.

Mike Sonko in the past few days has been going through hell , after he uttered some worrying words about the president and his family.

Sonko who faced impeachment from the Nairobi Governor seat, just a few months ago has been lasing the president Uhuru Kenyatta for his woes.

However things changed from bad to worse as barely days after being stripped off some key responsibility in the county he lost his gubernatorial seat.

This was followed by a chaotic impeachment that saw him loose his seat, with anger the former Nairobi governor has been lashing current leadership for his bad luck.


Mike Sonko presented himself to DCI offices early this week where he was later arrested and detained.

Things for Sonko seem to be worse as he faces some seriously charges with DCI linking him to terrorisms.

This made the ex governor weep at the milimani law courts.

Sonko will be arraigned in court next week where a bail hearing for his case will be presented to the judge.


Many across the internet have elicited some mixed reactions after the viral photos of the two happily partying together.

what caught everyone was this reaction that ‘mla nawe hafi nawe’ meaning not everyone who dines with you is your friend.

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