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Mnajuaje sijatahiri : Raila speaks up on his circumcision status

Azimio La Umoja official competitor Raila Odinga has advised off legislators utilizing circumcision to excuse networks from administrative roles.

During his meeting on Wednesday, July 20 at Morulem in Turkana East, the previous head expressed that it was an out of line practice to excuse pioneers on the deep rooted commencement practice. Raila featured that he knows the Luo, Turkana and Teso people group didn’t have circumcision as their type of commencement. He addressed on the off chance that it was for different networks not to lead since circumcision.

A fileimage of Raila
A file image of Raila

“Mimi najua wajaluo, waturkana na wateso hawatahiri. Sasa yeye anasema si wewe pekee yako, hata mtoto wako, mjukuu hawaezi kuongoza maanake hajatahiri. Hiyo ni haki hiyo. Si ni upumbavu ( I know the Luo, Turkana and Teso people group don’t circumcise. They are attempting to say you as well as your kids and grandkids can’t lead since they have been not circumcised. Is it right? Isn’t that ineptitude),” made sense of Raila.

The ODM pioneer addressed how they affirmed he wasn’t circumcised, yet they hadn’t asked him. Raila expressed that it was nothing of them should be concerned about in the event that he was circumcised or not to be considered for authority in the country.

“Kuna ridge wanakuja na kueneza porojo mingi zaidi. Wakikaa kule wanasema Raila hawezi kuongoza maanake yeye hajatahiri. Nilimuuliza yeye ‘Wewe unajuaje Raila hajatahiri na wewe ni mwanaume kama Raila. Unahaja gani na chombo ya mwanaume mwenzako (They are saying Raila can’t lead since he’s not circumcised. I asked them how they know, at this point they are individual men),” represented the ODM pioneer.

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