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Uhuru launches 10bn fisheries project in Mombasa.


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday launched a 10 billion shilling marine fisheries development project. The government is seeking to improve the income of fishing communities on the Kenyan coast.

President Kenyatta said the opportunity offered by the project should be used to generate investment, create jobs, increase revenue and pay for people’s lives.

He emphasized the need to trade marine resources for the benefit of Kenyans by creating well-thought-out national systems to ensure the landing of more than 300,000 tonnes of fish per year and create at least 60,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

The World Bank-backed project, which aims to create more than 60,000 new jobs in the fishing industry, will benefit 19 sub-counties in Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, Tana River and Lamu counties.

Covid-19 recovery test
Speaking at the launch of the projects, the president said the project was part of the government’s efforts to revive post-Covid-19, adding that the plan, which will be implemented in five years, will lead to sustainable use of resources.

“We hope this project will contribute to the sustainable exploitation of Kenyan marine fisheries when it’s over. This represents a new dawn in the development of the coastal region; and is an important pillar of my administration’s work and wealth management program, ”said the president.

The President also outlined a number of other measures that the government is taking to expand employment and wealth opportunities in the emerging blue economy sector.

He cited the creation of an office dedicated to the sea and the blue economy, the revitalization of the Liwatoni fishing port and the government’s plan to establish a fish processing plant in Lamu among ongoing projects in the fishing industry.

Sailor training
Regarding capacity building in the sector, the president said that the government had designated the Marine Harbor College as a center of excellence in the training of sailors and fishermen.

“Empowering our fishermen to international standards is an important part of this effort. The improved management system, under the Office of the Maritime and Economic Economy, should ensure that licensed fishing vessels operating in our waters provide employment and training opportunities for our fishermen and youth, “the president said.

Coast Governors Hassan Joho (Mombasa), Salim Mvurya (Kwale), Amason Kingi (Kilifi), Dhadho Godhana (Tana River) and Fahim Twaha (Lamu) praised the project as a new milestone in improving people’s lives. Communities of fishermen and stimulants. growth of related industries in the region.

Mombasa Governor Ali Joho said people’s lives on the coast are closely linked to fishing. He called for investment and political reform to ensure that the industry benefits more people.

Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya, who is also the chairman of the Coastal Community, a regional group of six coastal counties, called for the development and integration of the blue economy and other sectors such as agribusiness, infrastructure, tourism, education and training.

The event was attended by Secretary of the Cabinet of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives Peter Munya, Treasury counterpart Ukur Yatani and Blue Economic (Retired) Chief Planner (retired) Samson Mwathethe, among other senior government officials.

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