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Monica Juma on the spot over Rerec jobs.

Energy Minister Monica Juma is on spot for the use of an outdated law to hire six directors of the Rural Electricity and Energy Corporation (Rerec) in a bid to exclude candidates from the Board of Governors (CoG) on the corporate board.
On April 14, Dr Juma appointed six trustees for three years in accordance with the Energy Act of 2006 which ceased to be law in 2019.

The Energy Act 2019, which was supposed to guide board appointments, allows the cabinet secretary to appoint three directors while CoG has the right to appoint four board members.

The appointment was published in the Kenyan Gazette on April 14. Surprisingly, Dr Juma used the Energy Act of 2019 to appoint four directors of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority. Dr Juma has now been charged with neglecting CoG candidates and using outdated rules to make appointments.

Judge George Odunga has authorized activist Martin Njoroge to file a lawsuit seeking to overturn the board’s appointment.

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