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10 suspect arrested for seizing more than 250,000l during a police raid.

Police in the industrial area disrupted the city’s oil suppression operation in a secret operation that led to the arrest of 10 suspects who were found smoking fuel during a raid on Rangwe Road.


More than 25,000 liters of fuel were seized during the raid led by the head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Steven Mutua, which also involved officials from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority.

Confirming the incident, Makadara police chief Timon Odingo told the Nation that police were handling information from the public.

Mr Odingo said six vehicles, including a government-registered truck given to the Nairobi Metropolitan Service, five generators, 97 cans of jelly, four diesel barrels and seven barrels of kerosene were seized.

“We blocked the cars and tools they were using,” Odingo said.

The suspects are being held at the industrial area police station awaiting their appearance.

“We are still investigating to see if there were others involved in the illegal trade. If they exist, we will prevent them. We believe this has been going on for a long time, “Odingo said.

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