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Moses Kuria: I regret funding Eric Omondi to US.

On Wednesday, Commerce Minister Moses Kuria launched an attack on comedian Eric Omondi over his feelings on the finance bill.

Omondi claimed that the government has failed to fulfill its campaign promises to Kenyans.

He said the government should focus on the high cost of living instead of housing.

“The Kenya First team promised Kenyans a better, cheaper and easier life. Today we are having the wrong conversation, we are talking about housing,” he said.

“There are no homeless people in Kenya, but there are families and children who are hungry. The conversation should be about the high cost of living.”

Moses Kuria
A photo file of Moses Kuria

However, Kuria told him that he regrets sponsoring him to visit the United States to see the world.

“I heard Eric say that he is still young. Seven years ago I took my money and paid him to go to America so he could see what the world is like. Now with the way he talks, I would use the party’s money instead,” Kuria. say.

His sentiments caused the audience to burst into laughter as the host of the show tried to stop him.

They were speaking in the Big Conversation on Finance bill organized by Citizen TV.

The comedian has been arrested several times for showing the vulgarity of life.

Omondi was first arrested on February 21 when he was leading protesters on Parliament Road.

So he was arrested twice in March and twice in April.

On March 28, he was arrested along Uhuru highway while transporting thousands of CVs which he said were for unemployed youths.

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