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Mother and daughter leaves netizens inspired after all work together as pilots.


The girl has encouraged many after following in her mother’s footsteps to work together as pilots.

The talented girl shared this rare moment, as they sat in the bedroom with her model mother who is an experienced pilot.

The couple posed for a photo shortly before their first female tour, encouraging many who have followed in their mother’s footsteps, to achieve their dream job.

In the photo, which was taken inside the bedroom, the duo appeared to be overjoyed, as they wore matching atmospheric costumes, reminiscent of that rare occasion.

Two female family members serve as captain and co-captain of Skywest Airlines America, based in Saint George Us.

The mobilized soldiers shared their feelings as they praised the glorious young girl, after discovering a rare pilot feast, flying with her mother.

Cases of children following their parents’ dreams in the aviation industry have become commonplace these days, thanks to the experiences they receive from their parents at an early age.


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