“My sons aren’t criminals,” mother mourns her two sons.


I called my pastor, asked him to help me find them, the pastor waited for them until I got a call and told me they had been killed. “- Lucy Wanjiru
Lucy Wanjiru, the mother of two brothers Fredrick Muriithi and Victor Mwangi who were killed in Kitengela along with their two cousins ​​has denied allegations that they were thieves.

A grieving mother who returned from England to say good-bye to her children said that they were raised in a church.

Believing their last moment during an interview with a local TV station, Lucy shared:

“I talked to a brand new baby on Friday the 6th when he was going to a birthday party, I sent him money.

Freddie said he did not go to the ceremony and chose to remain. “

A few days later, Lucy could not communicate with her sons, which was quite common.

“I tried to reach them but could not get through.

I called my pastor, asked him to help me find them, the pastor waited for them until I got a call and told me they had been killed.

My children are not criminals, I raised them in the church. “

The two brothers and their two cousins ​​had gone to visit relatives in Kitengela for a house-warming ceremony and a birthday party for one of them.

Unbeknownst to them, it would be the last trip for Fred Mureithi, 30, his younger brother Victor Mwangi who was celebrating his 25th birthday, and their two cousins ​​Mike George, 29, and Nicholas Musa, 28.

At around 6pm, the two brothers left to look for a place to buy chicken in Kisaju, but the center near the river bank in the Enkamulyat area, about 14 kilometers from Kitengela town, was where death awaited them.

Residents who saw motorcycles parked along the river believed the owners wanted to steal their cattle.

They rang the bell and, without listening to the young men’s prayers, raised the four to death.

The area known as Kitengela National Park has been plagued by cattle rustling.

Close friends said the four arrived in Kitengela on three motorcycles.

Upon arrival, the four proceeded to George’s sister’s new home where they were staying.

A close friend of the four, Francis Ndegwa told The Star that the four were similar to eating chicken for dinner and that’s when they got out of their three motorcycles to look for chicken.

Ndegwa said that when the four arrived at the river bed and were about to cross, some people stopped them and asked them where they were going, but before they could even get an answer, residents said. They rang the bell and asked for confirmation and other residents came to the scene.

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