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Mother of Quadruplets detained over sh4million hospital bill appeals for help.

T he 26- year old woman kept at Nairobi South Hospital over a doctor’s visit expense has advanced for the help.

Virginia Adhiambo brought forth quadruplets on February 1 through C-area was confined over a bill that has now hit more than sh4 million.

She is stressed the bill is expanding . Two of her infants were released last Friday after her better half Charles Ndonye , begged her medical clinic’s administration in the wake of paying 1.1 million.

“I’ve been conceded here at the Nairobi South Nairobi since February 1.1 created confusion subsequent to bringing forth quadruplets , I have been on anti-toxins from that point forward and my children are in the intensive care unit,” Adhiambo said on Sunday.

“I’m callling for help from well wishers . May Kenyans of altruism help me clear the medical bill, it’s currently over ksh4 million . On the off chance that anybody is moved by my situation,, Mercifully help me figure out the bill so I rejoin my family, along with my two different children.”

“Contact me on 0721892764 or Adiambo on her telephone 0713933096 or send your contribution through cover bill 55541617. “

Please be a blessing to this family.

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