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Mother to alleged Kibaki’s grandson, Allan Makanda, speaks out for the first time

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The family of Allan Makanda, the man who nearly disrupted the funeral of the late President Mwai Kibaki last week, have distanced themselves from their son’s behavior.

According to a TV47 report, Allan’s mother, Consepta Makanda, said she was shocked to see her son’s tragic events.

She cited the change in behavior and poverty and unemployment as her son has not returned to Kanduyi sub-district in Bungoma county since 2018.

Consepta noted that her son left home in 2016 after earning a C + in the Kenya Secondary Education Certificate examinations.

“Poverty pushed him to take such steps. Perhaps his fortune in getting a job was not luck and it was the Kibaki government that provided free primary education, so he is imitating him,” he said.

The father, for his part, hinted that the family did not know what their son was doing in Nairobi. He reflected on the 2018 season when Allan appeared at home in 2018 with a few friends discovering that they were his teammates in the drama.

“I was shocked to find out that my son was doing something illegal,” the father said.

Allan impressed the crowd as he undressed and wept uncontrollably as the public watched the former president’s body outside Parliament on Tuesday, April 26.

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