MP Didmus Barasa pleads innocent to murder of rival aide

Kimilili MP-Elect Didmus Barasa Wednesday argued not liable subsequent to being summoned over the homicide of Brian Olunga, an associate to his rival and DAP-K’s Brian Khaemba.

Barasa will know whether he will be delivered on bail at 3pm Wednesday by a Kakamega court.

An examination done last week uncovered that Olunga passed on from a projectile which struck the right half of his head.

Olunga passed on from bountiful draining when the slug played on repeat in his mind.

Barasa has been in guardianship after he gave up and was charged ten days prior after which the court permitted police to hold him for 10 days to permit examinations.

A file image of MP Didmus Barasa
A file image of MP Didmus Barasa

Criminological Crime Scene Investigations unit investigators have since directed exhaustive examinations and put Barasa at the location of the homicide.

Essentially, ballistic specialists based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory, connected Barasa’s gun to the lethal fired that removed Olunga’s life.

This followed a report gave by the ballistic specialists after the researching group sent Hon Barasa’s Glock Pistol, a cartridge recovered from the scene and shot parts to the ballistic lab for measurable investigation.

A police report noticed a recuperated cartridge was discharged by the Glock gun gave to Barasa.

Barasa is presently having to deal with murder penalties in spite of area 203 as perused with segment 204 of the punitive code.

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