Mp Peter Masara chased away after accusing locals of no knowledge in English

The efforts of MP Peter Masara to address the residents of Sununa West he represents were in vain after he started mocking them.

Masara had fielded Migori Governor-elect Philip Mwabe in a rally at Migori Primary School, where the student officially announced his candidacy for the seat.

However, Monday’s incident on April 4 took a turn for the worse after Masara, who had made her remarks, was instructed to invite main rival Joseph Obiero Ndiege to the podium.

Proponents of his case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. They started yelling at him and saying his name.

As the zoo expanded, Masara lost control and told the crowd that they were not intellectual.

“These guys don’t understand English, that’s why they shout,” Masara said.

The MP’s remarks once again stirred up the crowd. The naughty boys started shouting and singing anti-Masara songs.

They threw bottles where the MP was, forced him to interrupt his speech before his time.

The riot broke out uncontrollably, forcing Masara to flee for his safety. He was protected so he could get into his car.

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