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Mp Sankok to be charged over son’s death

MP-elect David Sankok faces charges of improper storage of firearms.

Investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department are planning to prosecute Sankok for violating the gun control law as a license holder.

A second autopsy conducted by state pathologist Johansen Oduor on the body of 15-year-old Hillary Memusi Sankok on Friday, May 13 revealed that he may have committed suicide.

Reports say that the Memusi autopsy, however, showed different results from the autopsy conducted at Longisa Hospital in Bomet showed on May 3, the day after his death.

Oduor and DCI Department of Homicide Department Samuel Nyoguto revealed that they found a bullet entering the left side of Memusi’s head above the ear and from the right side.

“The shotgun is also 69cm tall and is shorter than the boy’s left arm, thus showing that he can shoot himself. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that he was shot by someone else.

“His hand is dusted off and dirt will be examined. If the boy had committed suicide, the gun would have left the powder residue, ”investigators said.

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