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“She paid my house rent before fame,” Mr. Seed praises his wife Nimo.

Gospel singer Mr. Seed revealed that Nimo paid rent when he was in financial trouble.


Speaking to Jalango and Kamene, Mr Seed explained, “This time ago, we went on a picnic at Arboretum.”

He continued, “I’m not used to picture, dates, snacks and all that. After a date I went home and found out that the owner had locked my house with it. Three big locks, I couldn’t get in.”

To save the day, Mr. Seed claimed to have lost the keys to his house.

“I had to pretend I lost my keys on the picnic website. Nimo had Ksh 9,000 with her, she took it away without hesitation and paid. She later asked me why I hadn’t just told her the truth. From that day on, I saw the need to unlock it.”

Thanking his wife, Mr. Seed said, “When I first met him, I had lost all hope in my music career. She was the only one who supported me through hard and narrow. House for days. She pushed me to do more and ignore what people were saying.

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