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Mudavadi reveal that President Kenyatta’s Cabinet Meeting Was A Trap For DP Ruto

Kenya Kwanza member Musalia Mudavadi claims that President Uhuru Kenyatta planned to embarrass his deputy William Ruto if he did not attend the Cabinet meeting held on Thursday, May 12.

Speaking at a conference in Karen on May 12, Amani National Congress (ANC) leader said the vice president was aware of the plan and decided to attend the conference for the first time in about two years.

He explained that Uhuru and his team would have badly criticized the DP if he had not attended the decision-making meeting on Thursday.

“Ruto is smart and knows that even after convening a cabinet after one year, he will still know how to conduct himself at the conference so as not to get involved in other people’s business.

“It was a trap for him. They were planning to say he did not attend the cabinet meeting they called, but he did the opposite,” he said.

In addition, the ANC leader claimed that a cabinet meeting was convened after Ruto embarrassed his boss with a statement on social media where he accused Uhuru of not convening a meeting for more than a year.

Mudavadi said the meeting was not productive as the head of state had broken the law by making decisions without the involvement of his ministers.

“They were shocked when we said they were blaming the DP when they did not have a cabinet meeting which is why he convened this session to control the damage.

“The truth is that a lot of things have been done without respecting the cabinet and the law. What we do know is that Uhuru is in its final months and there is nothing he can do. Do change what he has not done,” Mudavadi added.

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