Mudavadi reveals what led to his fallout with Raila

Amani National Congress party leader Musalia Mudavadi described how he differed from ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mudavadi said after the 2017 general election, along with other National Super Alliance regulations, they realized they were not reading the same text as the former prime minister.

According to the former vice president, Raila made his own decisions, including shaking hands without involving his coalition partners.

“In politics we must be confident, but we saw some things that we did not understand after the 2017 elections,” Mudavadi told KBC.

He noted that this was a major factor in his decision to divorce a man who had twice supported him in running for president, in collaboration with Vice President William Ruto.

In the interview, Mudavadi noted that the ODM leader has changed and is not someone who knew him anymore.

“The Raila we see now is not someone I knew before. I didn’t need anyone to convince me about him at the time, but now things are different.”

The ANC leader added that if Kenyans elect the former prime minister as their president in the August 9 election, he would have no problem with that.

Mudavadi reiterated that we live in a democratic country and people decide who they want.

On the issue of President Uhuru Kenyatta approving Raila, the ANC leader said he had no problem because the head of state was only exercising his constitutional right.

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