Mulamwah flaunts bundles of thousands on social media

Comedian Mulamah, who is known for making money on social media, sparked a different feeling after posting another video showing money.

Many have warned Mulamwah against sharing such videos online, with many calling his actions immature.

“Clout is a real scourge for Kenyan content creators,” said one social media user

Comedian Mulamwah, who is known for bragging about money on social media, has returned.

A short time ago, Mulamwah shared a video of himself holding a note and revealing that he would buy his first piece of land.

The comedian found out that he made all the money for the comedy, urging comedians to come and not give up.

Mulamwah shared a video of himself sitting on a banana plantation, eating githeri while counting KShs 1,000 notes.

The father of one child puts the text on a plate filled with gitri before leaving.

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