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Museveni opens trade doors in his country for Kenyans.

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President Yoweri Museveni has allowed Kenya to import iron ore into the country under special supervision following talks with Trade Minister Moses Kuria.

In his statement written on Saturday January 28, Kuria said Kenya will import the metals – used in steel production under limited conditions.

He thanked Museveni for his consideration, noting that the move will economically benefit the industrial sector in the country.

Furthermore, the SC revealed that a committee will be formed to analyze the agricultural issues between the two countries.

“In particular, I thanked President Museveni for allowing the small export of iron ore in Kenya with special consideration.

“Kenya and Uganda will also initiate a joint process to conduct a SWOT analysis of the agricultural, manufacturing and service capabilities of the two countries for joint supply chain planning,” Kuria revealed.

A photo fine of President Yoweri Museveni

On his part, Museveni said that eggs will be exported to Kenya, among other animal products.

“I had Moses Kuria, the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry of Kenya, who called me at Nakasero State Lodge this afternoon and gave me a message from Ruto.

“I thank Ruto for opening the market for our milk, eggs and chicken, among others,” Museveni said.

Museveni’s revelation about the egg program came amid reports of a shortage of eggs in the country which has caused the price of eggs to rise in the past six months.

In many shops across the country, an egg is sold for Ksh 15 while farmers bemoan the high cost of animal feed.

Therefore, the price increase has caused the popular pasua eggs to drop from Ksh 25 to Ksh 30 in some parts of the country.

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