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Muslim Sheikh petition to remain in Kamiti Prison

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A Muslim preacher released on Thursday, May 6, refused to leave prison.

Sheikh Guyo Garso filed a petition requesting that he be allowed to remain behind the walls of the Kamiti Central Prison.

After his release, he refused the release of his relatives who were in court, saying he feared being killed like other terror suspects who disappeared unnoticed after their release.

The Muslim preacher was arrested in 2018 on terrorism-related charges and was detained at Maximum Committee Prison.

He claimed that if he returned home, he would be killed by the state security forces.

Sheikh Guyo will remain in Kamiti Prison for 30 days while continuing a petition he filed in the Supreme Court to compel the government to protect him.

After 30 days, he will be released. He must, however, pay the government for his stay at the center.

“Only the Supreme Court has the authority to interpret the Constitution and then issue such orders as it deems fit,” the court ruled after receiving its request.

His case has sparked controversy over the disappearance of people in Kenya.

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