Mutahi Ngunyi’s Runda Mansion burn down.[PHOTOS].

Mutahi Ngunyi's Runda mansion on fire

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi counts the losses after his Runda home was set on fire on Wednesday, July 14, one hour after midnight.

In a statement, the sharp analyst revealed that the incident happened around 1:45 p.m.

He further revealed that he had been living in the house for the past 27 years and that it was shocking that the incident took place hours after he made a video analyzing Kiambaa violence in 2008,

“My house in Runda for 27 years caught fire at 1:45 Itumbi, you told Hustlers at 2:01 am about 16 minutes later. This is after talking about the Kiambaa violence in 2008 in Hall 5,” he announced.

Ruble withdrew after Mutahi Ngunyi’s house burned down in Runda
The ruble was dropped after Mutahi Ngunyi’s house burned down in Runda. TWITTER
The news was made public by communications and digital expert Dennis Itumbi, but in heavy text that sparked controversy between him and Ngunyi.

Firefighters, hurry up and save Mundahi Ngunyi’s Runda house from fire. NMS (Nairobi Metropolitan Services), take action against the young man who supports you.

“I hope the person is safe and the family is fine. Beyond that tweet, I can only ask that you take a little damage and be safe!” Itumbi announced.

Itumbi also shared a photo showing the roof of a two-storey building section on fire.

Ngunyi, meanwhile, shared another photo of the house after it was destroyed by flames that showed the breakage of windows and a collapsed roof.

Hours later, Itumbi responded to Ngunyi’s announcement saying he was outraged by the way he shared the news about the tragedy.

“I ignore it thou I see an attempt to link to evil ,. If you witness / face such a tragedy, send a real-time SMS if you can, I will send a message before 16 minutes.

“Despite what you said hours ago. By the way, it takes courage to advertise your channel at such a time! Itumbi noted.

Itumbi backing Vice President William Ruto while Ngunyi is known to be one of the DP’s most vocal critics. the two have been at different political divisions for years,.

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi (left) and his house while on fire.

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