Muthee Kiengei looses his aunt who raised him when his mother died

Pastor Muthee Kiengei is grieving after the loss of his beloved aunt, who he says raised him after his mother died.

Muthee Kiengei cried for his second mother

The journalist sent greetings to her aunt on her Facebook page and praised her for being the mother who he needed when she lost his mother..

picture of Muthee Kiengei and his aunt

“When my mother died you were very supportive in guiding us and guiding us in the way that my late mother would have us go, you were very helpful in getting us here where we are with your wise counsel and your love for your late sister’s children. Now you have run your course, you have now finished with this painful world, “he wrote.

Kiengei appreciated her efforts to raise her and her siblings and promised to cherish her love forever.

His fans also sent condolences to him and his family and promised to pray for him while mourning his second mother.

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