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“My dowry stands at kshs 10m exclusive 15Bulls, 100k house shopping,” Shakilla says.

Kenyan socialite , Shakilla discloses that if she is set to get married her bride price would be nothing less than kshs. 10 million exclusive 15bulls and shopping not less than 100k.

On her Instagram stories she updated;” if I was to get married right now , my dowry would stand at 10 million Kenyan shillings . FACTS that’s exclusive of 15 bulls and house shopping not less than 100k.”

According to Shakilla , she says that the huge amount would only be received by her mother since she is not in good terms with her father.

She said this previously when she was being interviewed at Radio Jambo , that her father claims he doesn’t understand her and that’s what made her cut off his father from receiving the dowry.

” We had arguments in the house, he kept saying I am disrespectful and I was also saying I have a voice and I needed to be heard and he would say that he is the head of the family and that I should listen to everything he says,” Shakilla stated live on air.

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