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“My Husband married Nine wives and infected all of us with HIV,” Woman narrates.

The things Women go through in the hands of men are quite something. Josephine Leshao is a woman who has narrated her story and how she got infected with Hiv.

Her husband decided to marry nine wives with her being the first wife. She was married off by her father when she was only 13 years old and didn’t know anything about marriage life.

She has seen her husband bring in different wives after year and there is nothing she could do about it. She gave birth to 8 children but now only 3 are alive, five of them passed away.

Her husband forced her to live with her mother-in-law together with his ninth wife.

One day Josephine felt very sick and went to seek medication, upon reaching the hospital she was tested for HIV and she was found positive. She began medication immediately.

When she told her husband about her status, he was so angry that he chased her away. She left with her children seventeen years ago and started working as a house help.

Her husband started feeling sick and went to look for Josephine who by then had established herself with the little she had. She was kind enough to take him to the hospital but he died after two months.

His four wives also passed away and the remaining three could not continue living there so they left.

The ninth wife still lives in the home of Leshao together with her mother-in-law. Josephine is under medication and taking care of her three children.

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