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“My man used to pay people to follow me,” Kush opens on her past toxic relationship.

Kush Tracey, a TV host at Switch TV has opened up on toxic relationships. On a chat spot segment where they were talking about how insecure man act, Kush Tracey opened up to say that she was in a relationship with a man who used to hire people to follow her on every step she made.

The mam used to suspect that Kush was having an affair with another man, so to make sure that she was only dating him, the man had to put spies all over her hangout joints and see all the people she talked to.

She thanked God because she broke up with him and now she has a new man in her life.

The main reason of giving her experiences to educate every woman/man out there that yes you can find yourself in a toxic relationship but at the same time you can rescue yourself from it before it gets messy.

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