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My son lied about his job and lifestyle: Frank Obegi’s father speaks out

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The family of slain blogger Frank Obegi have said they are shocked by the tragic murder of their son.

Speaking to reporters at the City morgue on Tuesday, June 21, Obegi’s father, Evans Bowendo, said he was aware of the death of his son through a friend.

Bowendo said his son had been missing for several days with his friends.

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“His friend called me and told me that my son Franklin was found in an urban mortuary. I sent my brother to come here and check if it was true and they found his body,” said the father.

Questions about Obegi’s source of income and its indescribable luxury were also common.

“I thought my son was selling plane tickets online. That’s what he told me when he left home in February. But now he’s found dead, I’m also shocked to find out what caused my son to die the way he did,” Bowendo wondered.

“He had money. When he got the money you saw on his WhatsApp status he was in Mombasa, sometimes he was on a plane. I asked him and he told me that the money he had was for commission due to the business he was doing.”

Obegi’s body was found along with that of Elijah Omeka, Fred Obare and Moses Nyachae in the Kijabe forest and Magadi region.

Obare who lived in the Sunton area, Kasarani was well known in the entertainment areas of the area. Neighbors believed that he was busy with subject writing, as did his parents.

Reports say Obare was arrested last year after cheating on a man through cash contracts. He was taken to Kasarani police station and then taken by detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) and Ruiru police station.

The four friends lived an expensive life and their relatives said they usually flew across the country and bought bottles of expensive drinks.

Obegi’s brother told reporters that his brother was a blogger and had many followers on social media, he never doubted the kind of work he was doing.

“He was someone who worked online and he was a social media person, he was a fashion designer and blogger, maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Dude,” Obegi’s brother said.

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