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My wife left me and got married to a rich man and we are back together: Geoffrey Juma

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Sexual and reproductive health lawyer Geoffrey Juma has given a different opinion after revealing that he took his wife even after escaping with another man.

Juma was among those present at the recent NTV program hosted by Winnie Lubembe, where they discussed the escalation of divorce / divorce and relationship issues.

Juma, who got married at the age of 20, said getting married at a young age was not a problem. He became a father during his first year of college and was forced to drop out of school to care for a child.

They had no plans to have a baby but had no choice but to raise their daughter.

Juma said life was fine, but things changed when he lost his job. He was the caretaker and his wife was unemployed at the time.

“She tried very hard to stay in the relationship, but life became increasingly difficult and she left. She left when I was not at home and went with our baby,” he said.

Juma revealed that he tried to call her but could not find her.

“She left with another man who was financially stable. I tried to get her back, but I couldn’t,” he said.

For all that time Juma had never told his family that he had a child, and they all knew he was going to school. It is kept secret.

Juma’s wife left because of financial problems, and despite efforts to get her back, things did not go well for her.

“I went to my mother and told her she had a granddaughter and I was shocked. She tried to talk to my wife to get back to me, but she refused to come back.”

After her mother talked to her young mother, she returned later and they happily raise their daughter together.

Juma said he later learned that marriage is not just about providing for himself, but about taking care of his family and being there for them.

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