Mylee Staicey sues Weezdom for insulting her

Mylee Staicey has decided to take legal action against her ex-boyfriend Weezdom after their breakup.

Mylee revealed this yesterday by posting screenshots of their private conversation. The former gospel artist insulted and accused her of being dishonest and cheap.

From her response, it is clear that she tried to explain her side of the story and was ready to move on after their relationship failed, but Weezdom was not ready.

In the post, she described how Weezdom threatened to hack her Instagram account as he claimed to be the one who attracted him. The threats and cyber bullying she experienced affected her brand, her family and her peace of mind and she reported the matter to the Ruaka Police Station.

Mylee, who is running for the seat of Kibwezi West MP, said she was tired of what was going on and was ready to deal with the matter legally.

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