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Nail Polish UV dryers linked to cancer – Study shows.

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New research has found strong evidence linking the ultraviolet (UV) dryers commonly used for self-cleansing gels and cancer.

According to research conducted by the University of California, San Diego and the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, UV light can cause cell changes and cause cancer.

Science Alert reported that in 2013 researchers found that the UV radiation emitted by nail dryers was 4.2 times stronger than the sun.

“The authors concluded that the high level of exposure required further research,” they said.

Research from California and Pittsburgh now shows that a single 20-minute session of drying gel paint can cause between 20 and 30 percent of cell death.


“For one manicure, a person exposes their fingers to UV light for about 10 minutes. The exposure in the current study was comparatively extreme,” they said.

They used mouse cells and found significant cell damage and changes that could be replicated in human cells.

20 minutes of exposure per day for three consecutive days killed up to 70% of exposed cells.

They said the cells that remained after the full exposure period showed signs of DNA damage and mutations associated with skin cancer.

“Although these results do not provide direct evidence of an increased risk of cancer, they do indicate that a level of risk may exist.”

“But the risk to the individual is something cancer scientists have yet to ignore,” they added.

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