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Nairobi Company employee Commits suicide by jumping from the company’s building.

On Thursday, March 4, a man jumped from 8th floor of the Nairobi water and sewerage company in Parklands plaza, Nairobi. Kevin Njagi, a company employee is said to have called his parents about 8.00am to tell them he was going to commit suicide. Njagi leapt off the building 20 minutes later. Njagi’s coworkers believe he was depressed despite the fact that he barely spoke about it.

“He was a nice friend, and I’m saddened because I had no idea he was going through anything that could cost him his life,” a source with knowledge of the situation said.

The incident was reported by a police officer who talked on the condition of anonymity. A 40-year-old man named Richard Wangai jumped from the fifth floor of Adlife plaza outside Yaya Centre in a related incident. Wangai killed himself after losing sh 15 million in gambling.

According to the World Health Organization , 800000 people commit suicide each year, with suicide being the second leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 29.

The increased coverage of suicide-related deaths is a significant indication of the seriousness with which efforts can be expended to eliminate these.

What’s truly wrong????

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