Nairobi County Inspectors to pay hawkers sh 427,000 for assault.

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Three Nairobi County inspectors will now pay Sh 427,200 to the hawkers they attacked last month.

It was after the hawker, Anthony Maina and three inspectors – Humphrey Muswangi, Hassan Chege and Dennis Macharia, reached a peaceful settlement on Tuesday.

The officers, known as kanjos, are accused of assaulting Mr Maina on July 2, 2021, after the vendor lost five teeth and broke his jaw.

Mr Maina was allegedly attacked after failing to pay a bribe of 100 shillings requested by officials. He was allegedly beaten with a metal rod while being handcuffed.

Officials acknowledged their personal responsibility for the attack.

“The three, being interrogated here, collectively and equally accepted their personal responsibility for their attack by the plaintiff and offered to resolve the matter amicably. The plaintiff is also ready and willing to settle the matter amicably and peacefully,” the agreement reads. reached before Harrison Advocates Musyoka Lusyula.

According to the agreement, compensation for the loss and damage of five teeth is Shs 300,000 each tooth worth Shs 60,000 and Shs 56,000 for a broken jaw joint.

In addition, the kanjos are expected to pay Sh 4,000 for expenses and transportation, Shs 37,800 for food, Shs 15,000 for two months of rental and Shs 14,400 for clinic visits.

Compensation should be paid in installments. The first installment of Sh160,000 was to be paid in cash to Mr. Maina on August 3, 2021, followed by another Shs 50 transferred to the applicant via mobile phone yesterday and the final installment of Shs 217,200 paid before August 17, 2021.

“A total of Sh427,200 must be paid directly to Anthony Maina through his telephone number and / or cash. Failure to comply with the terms of this agreement will entitle the plaintiff to use the necessary legal means available to the officers.”, We read in part in the agreement that.

For his part, Mr. Maina should be bound by the terms of this agreement after signing and also accept the offer as a full and complete payment as compensation in this regard and thus eliminate any other claims. With respect to this matter.

However, Deputy County Member of the Nairobi County Conference Waithera Chege questioned the plan, saying it was illegal and would only lead to indifference among county soldiers, urging those in a position to compensate their victims.

He said the law should take its course because the payment would eliminate issues of corruption, extortion and harassment of kanjos under the rug.

“How many vendors will suffer at the hands of these filthy county soldiers?” This is not a good move, although it is a step in the right direction in terms of building consensus, ”said MCA Nairobi South.

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