Nakuru doctor, James Gakara, suspected of killing is dead.

A doctor living in Nakuru who is suspected of killing his two children by injecting them with insulin has died.

Nakuru County Commander Beatrice Kiraguri has confirmed the death of Dr James Gakara, who died this morning while receiving treatment at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

Over the weekend, a police report said Gakara, a gynecologist at Optimum Current Hospital in Nakuru, was suspected of killing her two children, aged three and five, before attempting suicide.


Authorities found the bodies of the two children in their Milimani rooms in Nakuru.

Police also said they found several drugs, injections used and a sharp kitchen knife from a doctor’s house.

The Kiraguri Police Commander told The Standard that the children’s father had made an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Kiraguri said preliminary investigations showed that the doctor injected the children with a drug that had not yet been found, resulting in their deaths.

“The incident shows that the drug was used in children by himself. Investigations will be conducted to determine the type of drug,” Kiraguri said.

Neighbors informed police saying Gakara had disagreed with his wife before the incident.

His wife was not at home when the bodies were found.

“We received information around 9:30 am that something suspicious happened in one of the houses. Upon arrival, the police did not receive a response from inside and had to break in,” added the county commander.

Mary Nyaguthii Gakara, the sister of James Gakara, a doctor suspected of killing her children speaks. [Harun Wathari, Normal]

On Monday, September 20, the family expressed doubts that Gakara could take the lives of his children.

Gakara’s older sister Mary Nyaguthii said there were many shortcomings in the accounts provided by those who visited the area.

“As a family, we still do not believe that my brother killed his children and tried to commit suicide. The story given by the authorities does not match, ”Nyaguthii said.

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