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Names of the seven panel members who will be selecting Raila’s running mate

On Wednesday, April 27, Unity Resolution Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga appointed a seven-member advisory committee to nominate his running mate in the upcoming August 9 general election.

During a press conference, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed announced that Raila had nominated Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua, Bishop Peter Njenga, Archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth, Michael Orwa and former Minister of Office, Dr Noah Wekesa.

Other members include Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa and Beatrice Askul Moe. The panel will present the last name to the former prime minister after an agreement before May 10.

“In view of the above and in consultation with the coalition council, Raila Odinga gaz has appointed the following panel members to assist him and advise him on the nomination of the party’s candidate for vice president,” he said.

“The panel will make its decision by consensus and elect its chairman. The panel secretary will be Elizabeth Meyo,” the statement read in part.

Attendees will interview interested applicants in accordance with three basic guiding principles. First, the vice president had to meet the constitutional requirements.

In addition, candidates must show that they can be trusted and act in a way that shows respect for Kenyans and brings respect to the office and to the nation.

“Candidates must demonstrate by word and deed that the appointment is the responsibility of serving the people, rather than the authority to govern them,” the statement read.

Candidates aspiring to be Raila’s deputy must be people of high moral integrity in their personal and public life. This includes equality and impartiality in decision making.

In addition, they are expected to show unselfish service, guided by the public interest through honesty and publicity that may conflict with their public responsibilities.

Potential candidates must also demonstrate responsibility, discipline and commitment.

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