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Narok county women doing wonders by creating soap products from Elephant Dung.

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This is one of the most creative thing I have come across personally. What do you think? Elephant soap?[story courtesy of Opera News.]

Women from Sikinani village in Narok West Sub County are the newest entrepreneurs in the market. Traditionally elephant dung has been used by the Maasai community to treat several skin diseases.

The women from Narok County invested a total of kshs 200,000 into the venture in order to support their new found source of income and business.

Early in the morning, the youths are tasked to follow the trail of the jumbo’s all the way to the Nashulai Maasai conservancy that neighbors the Maasai Mara National Reserve collecting waste which is the main raw material for soap making.

The Sikinani village group’s leader , Joyce Moniko said they settled on herbal soap making since the raw material is readily available. The women sell their soap to local markets around Sikinani and Talek trading markets. They also sell to lodges and hotels arounds Maasai Mara.

Mr. Ole Reyia Chief Executive officer and co-founder of Nashulai Conservancy said of the benefits of elephant dung could heal include, headache, dulling toothaches , bleeding noses, sinus and other pains if waste is smoked or inhaled. He also added that the dung can be used as mosquito repellent ; this is according to Africa geographic.

The process include;

~ Drying and grinding the dung into fine texture.

~The fine texture is mixed with olive oil and water including some coloring powder to turn it into liquid soap.

~The liquid is then crystallized and cut into desired sizes.

~They are then packaged and labelled to be sold to customers.

For a 50 gram packet , the soap retails at kshs 500.


source; Operanews.

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