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Nasty C rules out working with Khaligraph Jones.


Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones fans suffered a major blow after South African rapper Nasty C admitted the collaboration between them was not an option.

Nsikayesizwe native David Junior Ngcobo, Nasty C landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi on Wednesday July 21st.

At JKIA, the 24-year-old star rapper answered a number of questions from reporters. One question was whether he planned to work with Kenyan artists in Nairobi.

It would be hoped by Kenyan rap bosses that Nasty C would say, Khaligraph Jones, is undoubtedly the best Kenyan rapper right now, but it hasn’t.

“Have you heard of Khaligraph Jones? one of the writers asked.

Nasty C responded with a nod, saying, “Yes, I heard about it.” Which the author further asked: “Do you want to work with him?”

After seemingly choosing her words carefully, Nasty C said, “I don’t think our styles are the same.

“We are not the same, just because we are all rappists ” he insisted, “Our styles don’t match.”

Ouch! While Nasty C may have tried to be polite, we all know he gave us the style of Khaligraph Jones.


The rap star “Zulu Man with some power” has revealed, however, that he will be working with the excited Xenia Manase, who will start playing his stage on Sunday, July 25 at the Spasso Lounge, Karen Landmark.

We have reason to believe that Nasty C will be the unnamed special guest from 1pm to 8pm.

Returning to the airport, when asked if he was planning to collaborate with a Kenyan band, Nasty C struggled to remember the name of a former Berklee Music School student.

“What’s his name?” Nasty C asked a member of his assistant who was a friend of Xenia Manase.

“Yes … Xeniah … I met her when she was in South Africa,” added Nasty C.

Meanwhile, we look forward to hearing what Khaligraph Jones has to say about Nasty C’s feelings about her style.

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