LSK president Nelson Havi arrested over alleged assault.

Kenyan bar president Nelson Havi was arrested in the middle of the morning at his Nairobi office today and taken to DCI headquarters for questioning over the alleged attack.

Havi is suspected of attacking Mercy Wambua, executive director of LSK, on ​​Monday July 12.

It is alleged that the chairman of LSK hit the screen of a laptop on Wambua’s finger during a council meeting at 8am at the company’s headquarters on Gitanga Road, Nairobi.

In a statement to police, Wambua said he had sought treatment at the Aga Khan Hospital at 11:30 p.m.

Havi, who was still at DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road at the time of publication of this article, said the complainant accused him of causing him severe physical pain.

“I am accused of breaking Ms Wambua’s legs and arms,” ​​Havi said.

He also stated that he wrote a statement in which he said what happened before, during and after the confrontation I had with Ms Wambua.

Last year, Havi and Wambua were stabbed.

LSK members voted to send CEO Mercy Wambua on compulsory leave at a special meeting ,On June 26.

One hundred and eighteen (118) members voted in favor of the motion, while 16 opposed it.

Thirty-three (33) of the 118 people voted while 85 raised their hands in the actual assembly.

All 16, who voted against Wambua’s suspension, did so almost.

Members also voted to fill the position of CEO within 45 days of June 26 after Wambua received a fair hearing.

One hundred and thirty-three (133) members voted to fill the vacancy within 45 days, while no member opposed to the motion.

In October last year, Wambua was reinstated by members of the Council after LSK President Nelson Havi suspended him in mid-September for alleged misconduct and negligence.

Wambua, said there was no division in the LSK, except for differences of opinion according to the definition of the law. She was facing 17 charges of misconduct and negligence,.


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