Nelson Havi turns to bicycle amidst increase in fuel prices

Oil prices have continued to rise and despite optimism and assurances that prices will fall, it seems the problem will continue for several days. In the past few days, demand for oil has increased and more often than not, many Kenyans are left dissatisfied with the level of fuel available and the price of oil available.

This has made it important to consider how Kenyans can respond to current disasters. Former President of the Kenya Bar Association and now a Member of Parliament for Westland Constituency Nelson Havi has given Kenyans a practical and effective way to deal with conflict.

Nelson came up with the idea of ​​choosing to use a bicycle to and from workplaces. He said the bikes would reduce fuel competition and force oil traders to reduce fuel prices and prevent them from hoarding oil. According to Nelson Havi, choosing to use a bicycle will make us healthier and healthier from car air pollution.

To prove the point, Nelson Havi went to a bicycle shop and acquired a bicycle that he rode to work.

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