Netizens angered by Diana Bahati’s dressing as she releases her first song.

Yesterday night controversial musician Bahati posted on his social media congratulating his wife who has joined the music industry officially.

Bahati said that today his wife was set to release her first ever song and even posted a reel of Diana Bahati performing part of her new song.

“It’s official Diana Bahati joins the music industry with a bang. Tommorow at 10am Diana B drops her first music video. I present to you Kenyans No. 1 female rapper, “Bahati posted..

Im the video posted Diana had warn a shinny glittery jumpsuit , a crop top and short with a short fishnet on the in side.

Diana Bahati..

It looked like she was performing in a bar that was packed fully with men fans only.

Diana bahati.

Kenyans on the comment section were so angered by what Diana had worn leave alone the talent she claims to be having.

Here are some of the comments;

Njeri – ….The dressing code pathetic, Beauty without brains.

Noel- Alafu useme mwili wa Diana ni wako tu na dunia mzima imeona venye anakaa( you can claim that Diana’s body is yours alone while rhe whole world has already seen her naked body)

Mueni – So let me try to recall on how it started… One day this man posted Diana as his prayer partner. Bahati withstood all trolls due to his relationship with Diana. Bahati was in gospel for a bit and they were saved(as I assume) . And both had a meeting and decided to go to the secular world. Then BOOM here we are.

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