Netizens join hands and demonstrate on streets asking President to lift the curfew.

A section of furious Kenyans have taken to the streets to demand president Uhuru Kenyatta lifts the recently imposed cessation of movement, or provide solutions for the hardships Kenyans are enduring due to his government directives.

According to video shared by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, while addressing the media, the frustrated Kenyans have asked the president to tell them how they will provide food to their families, pay schools and honor their rent obligations if the country will still remain in this partial lockdown.

“Just when we were going back to our businesses, you have again locked us up. Tell us the way forward, how will we pay our rent? How will we provide food for our families? How will we pay school fees when schools open? President open the country for us,” the protesters pleaded.

what’s your take on all the lockdown that’s going on? Is the lockdown affecting you also? drop the thoughts at the comment section tat is in the bottom of the page. Thank you


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