New killer disease reported in India.

India has been reporting very high cases of coronavirus infections and very high number of deaths.

As Indian doctors try to cure Coronavirus a new disease has been reported ‘Black fungus’ . The bacteria is adversely affecting the covid-19 patient and even killing some.

Black Fungus, scientifically known as mucormycosis is a rare life threatening infection.

Doctors believe that mucormycosis which has a mortality rate of 50% maybe triggered by the use of steroids’. Steroids a life-saving treatment to critically ill covid-19 patients.

Steroids reduce inflammation in the lungs of the Covid-19 and appears to help stop some of the damage that can happen when the body’s immune system goes overdrive to fight off coronavirus. But they also reduce immunity and push up blood sugar level for diabetic and non diabetic Covid-19 patient.

It’s thought that this drop on immunity could be triggering these cases of immunity.

We should keep our brother and sisters in India in prayers.

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