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New Zealand investing millions to help youths deal with heartbreak.

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They say you never forget your first love, but what they don’t say is that you never forget your first broken heart.

Coping with breakup during puberty is different for everyone. But with help, the whole process can be a little easier.

And that is exactly what the New Zealand government wants to give to the 12-24 year olds of the country with the ‘Best Love’ campaign.

The purpose is clear: to develop a good, positive and balanced relationship, free of negative remarks, specifies the provision.

The program for which the government has allocated 6.4 million New Zealand dollars that will help around 850,000 young people.

The “Good Love” program, divided into several phases, aims to teach young people to recognize their pain and transform it into a positive attitude that will take root in the future.

Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment, told reporters: “Good Love, which asks young people to ‘own their feelings’, is a grassroots prevention campaign that involves young people sharing true stories to help their peers who may be going through the experience. okay.”

To achieve this, the program has above all in fixing the request for help after the breakdown.

Marama Davidson, Minister for Domestic Violence and Prevention of Sexual Abuse, also told reporters that “this campaign is part of the work that is already going on to help young people with boundaries and healthy attitudes towards relationships”.

In other words, Love Better is a program for young people, but with short, medium and long term results. “The goal is to disrupt and change the conversation about toxic relationships and behaviors that are universal and affect all young people,” says Priyanca Radhkrishnan.

But it is also a prevention program against the consequences that result for many young people from poorly managed divorces.

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