Nimeachwa! Niko Singol! Akothe hints breakup with Nelly Oaks

Akothee is one of Kenya’s leading brand influencers today. Akothee is also a popular female artist who has released several hit songs in Kenya. Akothee even managed to make a song in collaboration with Diamond Platinum.

Akothee is also popular due to its lifestyle. Akothee has a total of five children by her father and three children. Akothee’s first husband was Mluo who they separated. Akothee later married a Swiss woman and also divorced. Akothee’s last husband is French but they also separated.

At the moment, Akothee was dating Nelly Oaks and Akothee even swore that he would give Nelly Oaks two children to appreciate her for her love for him. Akothee had even started pouring nice words on Nelly and urging fans not to give up on love.

However, Akothee confirmed his separation from Nelly. Akothee has revealed that she is not married again after publicly announcing her relationship with Nelly Oaks. Akothee said the relationship is still like the Kenyan roads under construction.

See screenshots of the Akothee post below.

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