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29-year old man leaves a moving letter before committing suicide after wife left him for another man : ” nimekuachia dunia”

Tragedy devastated residents of the Umoja area in Nairobi after the death of a man identified as Brayo. According to DCI, the 29-year-old man committed suicide Saturday evening after disagreeing with his wife over an undisclosed issue in the United Estate delivery court.

According to reports, his wife had previously threatened to end their marriage, with the deceased pleading with him not to leave her. After a disagreement, the woman reportedly packed her things and went to her parents in Dandora.


The 29-year-old was heartbroken after his wife decided to leave him and later that night wrote a moving letter to his ex-wife telling her that he had left the world for her. “I have left you the Earth”. Shocked by her husband’s words, the wife tried to persuade him not to commit suicide, but his call went unanswered.

The woman reportedly returned the next morning accompanied by a dead brother to check on Brayo’s condition, he found his lifeless body lying in bed. It is alleged that Brayo had ingested a toxic substance that killed him on the spot. The body of the deceased was transferred to Mother Lucy Hospital awaiting examination.

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