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Nintendo Switch OLED model will go on sale October 8th for $350.


Nintendo today announced the new Switch model with a 7 720p OLED display. While rumors had suggested that this new Switch would come with a new Nvidia chip inside, this new OLED model is basically a screen update. Nintendo lists this version of the OLED Switch as it only supports 1080p via TV mode, and rumors had suggested 4K support, thanks to Nvidia chip upgrades. The OLED switch model will sell for $ 350 starting October 8th.

Along with the new display, this modified model includes a flexible stand for tablet playback, 64GB of internal storage (down from 32GB), a new transplant station with a wireless Ethernet port, and an improved playback sound. Portable or table top. Nintendo only mentions “up to 1080p via HDMI in TV mode” to the TV transplant station, so the assumption of 4K is not part of this OLED switch.

Nintendo confirmed on Verge that there are no major internal changes to the processor or memory. “The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has no new processor, or more RAM, compared to older models of Nintendo Switch,” said a Nintendo spokesman.

Elsewhere, nothing else has changed from the original device. Nintendo says the battery life of this new OLED switch will be up to nine hours, which is equivalent to the current switch. This OLED button is slightly taller than the original and also weighs less than £ 0.71 (0.32 kg) compared to the weight of £ 0.66 (0.29 kg) of the natural switch.

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The original Joy-Cons will work with this new Switch, and all available games will work with this new OLED model. Nintendo also offers black and white units when the OLED switch model travels later this year. The new dock will also work with Nintendo Switch and this new OLED model.

This Transform update has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, and Nintendo opted to unveil it long after the company’s E3 show which focused exclusively on New Switch games. Reports suggested that this new switch would appear before E3 launch last month.

The new switch comes almost two years after Nintendo’s Switch Lite, a smaller, cheaper version of Switch that you can’t connect to TV. Switch Lite started at $ 199 in September 2019.

The Nintendo Switch has sold very well, and the container has dominated American sales for nearly two years in a row. Sales of switch lives stand at 84.59 million units shipped since its launch in 2017, a figure that estimates sales of 101.63 million Wii cone lifetime. This updated Update model will only help push sales even closer to the Wii.


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