No condoms! Stivo Simple Boy state his stand on protection

Kibera-based artist Stivo Simple Boy is grinding away again in mixing responses online after he guaranteed that individuals ought to have unprotected sex.

Talking in a new meeting, Freshi Barida CEO said couples who love each other should ‘Twa’ unreservedly to partake in the demonstration.

“No condoms, even in the Bible, condoms are not referenced. It isn’t there. Assuming you find somebody who loves you, don’t bother utilizing condom,” he said.

A file image of Stivo Simple Boy
A file image of Stivo Simple Boy

In a past meeting with a neighborhood YouTuber, Stivo said he parted ways with ex-sweetheart Pritty in light of the fact that she irritated him to have actual closeness with her.

Stivo said he was as yet a virgin and needs to have 50 kids with one lady, who will meet his characteristics.

“I’m as yet a virgin.”

Basic Boy was additionally gotten some information about his number one tidbit and he said;

“I love groundnuts.”

Gotten some information about the most insane thing he has at any point finished with a lady, Stivo said;

“I was in a circumstance where I wound up kissing a lady and leaving her hanging since I would have rather not had actual closeness with her.”

Stivo finished things with ex-darling Pritty Vishy, an impending socialite, a couple of months prior and the two were associated with a horrendous Instagram fight.

“I’m not looking for excellence or beauty care products. I lean toward a humble lady with extraordinary person who is likewise unwavering. “I’m prepared to begin a family, however just with the suitable individual,” he told Mpasho.

Stivo’s relationship was on the rocks after he seemed online with Mombasa-based craftsman Adasa. He anyway denied truly dating the delightful lady.

“I should be clear about something. I’m not dating Adasa and never have been. We were just arranging a joint effort.”

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