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No More curfew as Church to hold 2/3 of believers.

PRESIDENT KENYATTA lifts the curfew immediately, allowing religious institutions to take up two-thirds of believers.


Uhuru made the announcement on Wednesday during the 58th anniversary of Heroes’ Day at Wang’uru Stadium in Kirinyaga County.

“I therefore order that the curfew, which has been in effect since March 27, 2020, be revoked and revoked immediately,” Uhuru announced the enthusiastic applause from those on the field.

Uhuru announced on Wednesday that Kenya had vaccinated five million adults, also noting that the Covid-19 rate had declined in the past two weeks, showing a low of five percent.

“I would like to thank the people of Kenya for using the remarkable level of civic responsibility in this struggle and for truly being the guardian of their brothers,” the president said.

However, Uhuru warned the country has not yet left the jungle and urged Kenyans to continue to consider measures to prevent the Ministry of Health.

The president also announced changes to the number of people meeting for private worship from one-third of worshipers to two-thirds if they adhered to all health protocols.

Among those who had enthusiastically appealed to the president to repeal the curfew were ministers.

The Kenya Entertainment, Entertainment and Restaurant Association (PERAK) said the entertainment industry was isolated as some benefited from the Covid-19 stabilization measures.

PERAK Nairobi chapter chairman Frank Mbogo said industry leaders believe it was time to lift the curfew and other barriers that have led to job losses in the sector.

Covid-19 infection rates have dropped below 5% in the past three weeks and an increase in vaccines has given hope that the epidemic could be significantly reduced.

“There has been a rapid increase in immunization across the country and there are clear efforts not only to get more vaccines in the country, but to reach more people,” said Michael Muthami, National President. And PERAK.

Muthami said many bar and restaurant attendants continue to be harassed by the police when they use protocols.

“The entertainment industry remains the only one to be banned because all other sectors are open. The three are fully operational, supermarkets and other markets are open and churches are open and functioning normally, “Muthami said.

A call from the operators came a day after Independence hinted that the curfew could be lifted soon.

More than 15,000 bars and restaurants have been closed since the outbreak, leaving nearly 90,000 workers out of work, according to PERAK.

Tariff revenues from beer, wine and liquor were reduced by 19% in 2020, the decline associated with the impact of restrictions on the sale of alcohol has been exacerbated by increased excise duties.

“Our call now is for the President to allow us to return to work so that we can continue to contribute to the country’s economic growth. We are not talking about overtime but it is a complete opening, “said Simon Njoroge, president of the Bar, Hotel and Alcohol Traders Association.

Last week, breweries urged the government to consider extending bars’ opening hours by two hours.

Restaurants were allowed to operate until 9 p.m.

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