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Noordin Haji explains the root cause of their differences with DCI Kinoti.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, November 7, the DPP explained that there was no connection between the two offices.

photo/Courtesy; DPP Haji

He noted that the differences stem from the interpretation of the law, which some people confuse and fight.

“The relationship with DCI is good. As I said, interpreting issues should not be misinterpreted and we look forward to working together.

“Maybe people don’t understand that when you want to ask for an interpretation and understand what is required, you go to court. It doesn’t mean you’re fighting,” he explained.

He further noted that the Supreme Court has already authorized his office to deal with criminal cases.

In recent months, the media has been flooded with reports that the chief prosecutor and his DCI counterpart have differed on handling criminal cases.

The reports came in the case of October 9, 2021 in which the DPP asked the Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, to investigate the police officer who submitted the affidavit against Judge Sankale ole Kantai.

The judge was involved in the assassination of the late Tob Cohen and an officer who accused him of being part of a plot to overthrow the Dutchman.

John Gachomo, director and investigator in the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has been charged with filing an affidavit without the involvement of the ODPP.

In the affidavit, Gachomo swore that he was one of the detectives investigating the murder of the rich man. He also claimed that Sankale played a key role in planning and concealing the horrific massacre.

The DCI office also accused ODPP of trying to close the investigation against the judge, calling it illegal and unconstitutional.

The DPP’s office however said the evidence presented by DCI could not be accepted in court because it was not produced before Gachomo was sworn in. An ODPP source further stated that the content of Gachomo’s affidavit was misleading.

Haji also noted that his office was ready to follow up on the murder case of the late Agnes Wanjiru as soon as the case was sent to his office.

On November 1, Mutyambai ordered the Criminal Investigation Department (DCI) to reopen the case and gather all available evidence and evidence.

He urged DCI to work with the British government to ensure that the case is closed in court to bring the suspects to justice.

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