Not anything less than 20Million: Family of man who died in steel Mill advised

Senior lawyers and HR consultants have expressed outrage over the 420,000 shillings payment that the Thika company is giving to the family of a man who died in a metal bag melted in his factory.
The family of Caleb Otieno, 35, has rejected compensation from Blue Nile Rolling Mills Ltd, where the man slipped into a boiler and was fired last month.

Only fragments of bone and teeth that needed a DNA test to identify him were found. The remains were packed into three small bags.

Otieno’s father, Martin Oraro, 74, said he was shocked that despite the family’s grief and the pain of not even having a fasting body, his son’s employer would charge the cost in his son’s life.

“After being informed that my son had passed away, I traveled from Kisumu to Thika. I met with the management of the company where my son was working. I accompanied my family members and at the meeting he was the company’s director of human resources. Thuvi.

“The company gave me Sh100,000, and when I asked them about compensation, the HR manager told me that they would pay me one third of the Sh21,000 that my son had received for months in the five years he worked as a full-time employee. That was the last thing I heard from the company, ” Mr Oraro said.

“They told me it would translate up to Sh7,000 a month. When my other son, John Agwambo, calculated, we found out that the compensation would have been 420,000 shillings for the five years he worked full-time, but that was the negligence of the company’s security that led to my son’s death. We felt ridiculed and deprived, ” Mr Oraro added.

Yesterday, lawyer Donald Kipkorir said Otieno’s family should not receive at least 20 million shillings in compensation.

The family of the compensation amount to Caleb Otieno, who died tragically in Blue Nile Rolling Mills, Thika, will be reimbursed under the Law Amendment Act, Chapter 26 and the Accident Act, Chapter 32, if Otieno will work until old age 60 is: Sh21,000 = x12x1 / 3×35 = Sh2,940.00, ”Mr Kipkorir said.

“The above calculation is for the loss of life and life expectancy. His family also has the right to total compensation for pain and suffering. It is (by decision) of the court … total compensation of more than 20 million shillings,” he added.

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