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Notiflow speaks up on her abusive relationship

Notiflow known Natalie Florence Kutoto is a Kenyan artist rapper who is also performing artist at the controversial Nairobi Diaries on K24.

On her Instagram page she has opened up on her abusive relationship. She even shared photos of her injured body parts.

She cleared to have loved the man fully and devote her whole self to him but all he did was to hurt him. She even stated that even her past relationship she ends up being the one who is hurt. She added that she is the one who used to pay the bills .

“This what a man did to me , after giving him all my love paying his bills and shiit . All men have done to me is hurt me, cheat on me . detooth me & just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me.

Here is her full post.

Just my thoughts, I wonder what the boyfriend was for? If the woman paid even the bills . Was he just for sexual satisfaction?

What’s your opinion though on all this? Drop it at the comment section that is at the bottom of the page.

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