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Notorious Kenyan Man Anthony Kamau Extradited To UK To Face Child Molestation Charges

Kenyan man Anthony Kamau has at last been removed to the United Kingdom (UK) to have to deal with youngster attack penalties.

Anthony Kamau otherwise known as Anthony Kinuthe also known as Anthony Kinuthia Kamau was captured on Friday by investigators drawn from the Transnational Organized Crimes Unit.

In a proclamation, DCI boss George Kinoti said the outlaw has been on the pursued bouncing bail in the United Kingdom.

Kamau is needed at the Chelmsford Crown Court of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to pay all due respects to charges of inappropriate behavior of minors.

“The pedophile is accounted for to have physically attacked underage young ladies inside a 11-year time frame from 2005. He was likewise accused of four includes of taking part in a non-penetrative sexual action with one young lady and one more count of impelling an underage young lady to play out a sexual demonstration,” the DCI said.

As per Kinoti, Kamau escaped to the far off country after he was conceded bail and has since been drawing in the police in a find the stowaway game.

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